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In Dynamics CRM 2011, by default on Contacts, Leads, and Users, the format for ‘Full Name’ is defined as ‘First Name Last Name’. We have the ability to change this format in the Administration -> System Settings, however the options are rather limited, and do not allow for custom formats outside of the provided few.

If the format you’re after is not in this list, you can use a plugin to set the Full Name to whatever format you need, which will override CRM’s formatting.

To do this, I have created a plugin which runs on create and update of contact, lead, and/or user, and filters on the attributes you want to make up the full name. For example, for the Full Name to be “Salutation First Name Last Name” the plugin would need to filter on all 3 attributes.

The plugin runs synchronously, and in the pre-operation stage (required otherwise CRM will override the full name after the plugin sets it).

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Created by Paul Nieuwelaar | @paulnz1
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